Whats The Difference Between A Tour Iron and a Standard Golf Club

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Whats The Difference Between A Tour Iron and a Standard Golf Club. More questions answered by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about the difference on a tour iron to the regular version of the same club and who it might help or not when played on the golf course.

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  1. Will we be seeing a Trackman vs. Flight Scope comparison? Would be interesting to see if they give similiar numbers..

  2. Mark, love the vids. Can you tell me, If I'm a good/decent ball sriker, who hits the ball average distance, could I use a bladed or tour model PW so I get more spin? My cavity back PW just don't get enough.

  3. Spin comes from Hitting down on the Ball .. Clubs has less to do with amount when you are taking about 8 iron and below.. Golf balls will effect spin far more than the club. A Tour ball or higher end ball will spin when you trap or hit the ball first. I have friends that struggle with this because they tend to pick and take little to No Divot.. This is just in my experience ..

  4. I do hit down on the ball, but I still think that a forged club would get me more spin. I want a lower trajectory, but a steeper descent angle when I hit. And I don't always get to spend money on expensive balls being that I'm 14, but I just picked up some HX Diablo Tour balls and they are 3-peice. I will let you know how they work. But I do think I could be more consistent with a better club.

  5. All Callaway balls have medium spin with short irons. Check out the USGA conforming balls list for high spin balls. Quality of strike is the key to spin, but 2009 grooves wouldn't hurt either.

  6. Hi im quite new to golf and only going round in low to mid 90s at the moment and have been offered some ping s59 irons for £50 from an uncle who has recently bought a new set. A colleague has said this type of club is a definite no for my standard of play and i would be better off using the money to get some decent cavity back clubs. What exactly is the difference between the two types? And are the s59's really so difficult to use?
    Thanks martin.