Meandmygolf explain when you should start rolling the wrists and closing the club face in the golf swing, and give two drills to help you close the club face



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  1. As I posted in another vid – I think it's an outdated concept to 'teach' wrist rolling. It is impossible to time the wrist action through the ball. Your path and club position determines the face relationship at impact. The wrists automatically turnover with the movement through impact. It's a passive reaction. I think the thing to address with players is where their path is traveling, and whether they are trying to scoop through impact, as per the chicken wing finish. These are things that can prevent that natural release through the ball. Getting people to think wrists is counter productive IMO.

  2. The catch the raindrops drill totally eliminated my slice.  Thank you!  I'm just having a hard time making the change permanent without have to consciously think about it every swing.

  3. Wrist rolling problems are predicated on the cocked wrist at the top of back swing.Your demo back swing was not a full obviously and did not include any wrist cock. Trying to roll the wrist back to address point square to the ball after a full back swing with wrist cock is the real problem. Shouldn't you address the problem from there?

  4. lol love the vids.. but consistence dosent come thru turning the wrist like a throttle. you know this haha but still thumbs up coz thats all you can teach in 5 mins. good job

  5. I can't believe that you didn't actually hit the ball with that club. I am disappointed.

  6. You have got to be joking!!!? Think someone needs to watch a few more videos from 'Trackman Maestro' on ball flight laws. Rolling the hands!? FML????????

  7. Wow ! c'mon you guys ,,, the average golfer will end up with a nightmare of a golf game if he ( or she ) even attempts to focus on " rolling the wrists in the downswing ".

    So how long does it take from the top of a completed back swing to a full finish ?? what ? 2-3 seconds ?? I play off an 8 handicap and I've been playing for 50+ years advising the average golfer as to when to start rolling their wrists is as bad advice as I've ever come across ,,, think about it guys !!

  8. The HOGAN ROLL! Going through swing changes, trying to keep the hands a little more quiet and trust the hips more to start the downswing. The striking was much more consistent but face control was wild. Changed it by rolling the right wrist over like tossing a rugby ball (for which my timing is pretty good). but supinating the left wrist (a la Five Lessons) seems a lot more consistent. One question though: eventually we have to release the lag to hit the ball right? Wouldn't that close the club face more?

  9. Both of you gentlemen have improved my swing with this video alone and made me love the game again…and for that I thank you.

  10. I don't quite get the first exaggerated motion with the wrists down. I don't know what a closed clubface looks like when it's at the top.

  11. Great tip.  I am a right handed golfer who struggles with slices and pushes to the right.  I used your "motorcycle throttle" drill, which stopped the shots to the right.  As a side benefit, my weight shift onto my left, forward foot, was much improved.  The two issues must be related.  Thanks

  12. just a bit curious about something . you guys said as we swing back the club face opens so you have to close the club face as you swing down. would it not be better to teach people how to swing the golf club around on an arc and keep the club face square to path

  13. can you do something for people who hook the ball? I used to have a really bad slice and fixed it myself where I was hitting perfect straight shots. Now I started to hook the ball unless I really open my club face when I set up

  14. This is a move that I really struggle with. I might be able to hit 1/5 shots well while working on this. When I do I get a nice little draw (I usually fade or slice the ball). For some reason I hit it off the heal a lot when working on this. I know this is probably just me but is there something I might be doing wrong that is causing the heal miss-hit?

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