When To Release The Golf Club | Simple Drill For PERFECT TIMING

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When is the BEST time to release the golf club in your swing? This is a very common question asked by golfers that RST Instructor Chris Tyler will answer in this video.

I’ll even show you a simple drill that will train you on how and when to release the club to maximize your speed and become a much more consistent ball striker.

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  1. Honestly, this drill is more about teaching you how to create lag more than anything else. When taking a real swing most people will tend to release early no matter how many times you make them do this.

    I personally prefer teaching the correct movement with only the left hand (for right handed golfers) and focus on relaxing the right hand/wrist to the maximum. This is the only thing thay has ever helped me or my students avoid releasing early.

  2. the turning of the club face using the wrists to square it rather than the body/core .. wont that add alot of inconsistency in the strike, as in the split second of impact the club opens and shuts so quickly when u use the wrists to realease?