The transition is a crucial part to any golf swing, if managed correctly the golfer can generate power and control. However, many golfers struggle with this part of the golf swing, often moving incorrectly, with poor timing and rushing this important section of the swing.

Chris talks about the transition and more specifically shows you when the downswing should start and a drill to help this happen more naturally in your swing.



Galvin Green

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  1. That slow motion video was very helpful. I try to start my downswing with my hips, and let my arms catch-up but I see what you are saying about the downswing ideally starting just a split second before the end of the back-swing. Timing is so important. I wish you would use slow motion more often in your videos.

  2. Great video Chris and well explained. Such a key part of the golf swing and a simple move that helps initiate and smooth out the downswing. I've done this drill before and it's a great one to build this movement into your golf game.

  3. Great video. For the last year I do two step drills as part of my preshot routine. I find it very effective and gets my movement and sequencing going. My playing partners probably think I'm some crazy happy gilmore fan but it works for me. I also find the stepped shots are great for warming up. Gets everything moving and gets my ball eye coordination tuned in.

  4. Thanks Chris. Great drill. You always ask for ideas for future videos. I have never seen anyone do a video on the pros and cons of medium or jumbo golf grips versus a standard grip. If possible, could you explain who may benefit from a larger grip? Thank you!

  5. Oh Chris. As a more mature, beginner golfer your advice is great. What a challenging, difficult game golf is. However, every half decent shot keeps one playing. We soldier on 🇿🇦

  6. Good lesson. I think sequencing is one of the hardest things for amateurs, like me, to master because we want to reduce the swing to mechanical movements. I wish more lessons focused on the "feel" of a proper swing. Thank you.

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