Where should you finish YOUR golf swing

Where should you finish YOUR golfswing

Steve Buzza talks about your finishing position and why copying tour professionals may hinder not help your performance.

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  1. This has always and will always big major prob for me, along with balance. I'm a broader guy who goes to the gym a lot so flexibility isn't the best but I still play well just not as good as I could if I put more time into working out to improve my golf swing. Anyways. I get onto left side at impact but struggle to hold it and get club all the way up an around post impact.

  2. Thanx Buzz,Great tip!I'm thinking this will give me the feeling of "hitting out"aswell, Instead of,like you said"Coming across it"Cheers????

  3. Thanks for the video Steve
    My in my last lesson I was instructed to finish with my belt buckle to the target and only the toe of the left foot on the floor (left hander) Flightscope showed that my path is good but I struggle to get the face square ( both too open or closed), have you any thoughts on drills to remedy this problem .Keep up the great vids,
    Cheers John.