Why Are There 14 Golf Clubs In A Bag And What Do They All Do?

Why Are There 14 Golf Clubs In A Bag And What Do They All Do?

According to the rules of golf we are all allowed to carry a maximum of fourteen clubs in your golf bag. But what clubs do you need? What do they each do? In this video we’ll build a virtual bag of 14 clubs explaining why each one has a vital role to play.

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  1. Nice video Donal, my problem is trying to guess which of my Jekyll or Hyde golf personas is going to turn up on any given day. Maybe I need two sets of clubs?

  2. After 4 years of sorting, my bag has developed somewhat strangely; it started pretty much how you suggested. I hit the ball very long and hard so distance isnt a problem for me. I found I lost most shots because of my wayward driver so I dumped it and replaced it with a Callaway Mini driver set to 13deg. My strongest clubs are long irons so I replaced my 3 wood with a Mizuno MP-H5 1i for driving and long shots off the fairway. Left my Nike Covert VR 20deg 3h as it is a jack of all trades even if a bit of a loose canon. Nike VR Procombos 4-9. I dont gap my wedges I use a Nike 48/10 pro wedge for all distances in and use Nike VR 56/14 & 60/10 toe sweep lob wedge round the green depending on need. Ping Anser milled putter finishes the bag. In winter I reduce this to 10 clubs with a carry bag. I started with a traditional bag but evolved the selection to fit my strengths (I hit long irons well) and minimise my weaknesses (I cant hit a wood to save my life). The journey has been more fun than the golf itself; goodness knows what will change next 😉