Why Eureka Golf Swing Works 2 main reasons

Eureka golf swing is a winner for many golfers. Compression, draw, solid, pure, controlled are just some of the words I’ve been told.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch regarding their experience using my Eureka swing technique.

This video highlights some of the feedback players have given and I go in depth with the two most successful elements of the motion.

Grab a club, and create the motion while watching this video.

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  1. Thanks for these Eureka videos,i have always had a problem hitting draws until you posted these. I still mostly play a high cut just because of the control,but i now can hit the Eureka draw when i need to get to a left pin or around a dog leg.It has helped my game a great deal!

  2. Steve. Thanks for another eureka reminder. When I started following this method, I was off 19.1. As off today I am now off 11.5. Ball striking has been simply solid. Cheers!

  3. So your shoulders is in a closed position at start of swing and feet are open. Similar to maybe Jim Venetos except for the swing path.
    I enjoy the swing and have been using a similar swing on my own. 13 hcp moved down from 21 using eureka thanks

  4. Not fully commited to Eureka yet but I use it and ball goes closer to my feet target line straight so I use it, ball striking has improved 100%

  5. Hi Steve. 1 question, do you still play this with a slightly open face to get the hands in front of the ball and the real sweet spot on the back of it ?
    Thanks and loving your content.

  6. Hey Steve, could you do a vid on how you would adjust your aim on course when you have a ball lie above or below your feet. What adjustments would you make if you had to hit a fade or slice? Cheers

  7. Having suffered from arthritis and my second hip replacement last year, I can honestly say that the Eureka method has saved my game. The open hips creates the space to win back rotation through the ball and getting the belt buckle to face the target. An arms dominated swing has been replaced by a rotational swing – ball speed up, the right side of the course removed, handicap beginning to move back in the right direction. Thank you so much for extending my golfing enjoyment!!

  8. Hi Steve, great video thanks, I have been trying that with ball directly in line with spine, if you get a chance check out video called JH Channel lock here in Australia, a different golf swing .

  9. Hey Steve, never tried Eureka, but did give your blur technique a go at the range on Saturday, I hit it literally as good as I've ever seen ANYONE hit it!!!!
    Then played shite in comp on Sunday 🙈 maybe confidence was too high 😂😂😂

  10. I have been practicing this pretty hard and seem to be smashing it at the range. Playing in a little tourney on Saturday, so looking forward to it. I have noticed that making sure my left wrist is flat, or slightly bowed, at impact, ties the whole thing together. Thanks…Steve!

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