Why in the Bag? Rory McIlroy

http://txg.ca – Congrats to Rory on a great win! We get in to lots of detail on the clubs Rory used to win, from a new shaft in his driver, to a new putter, to new grips! Check out his all Taylormade golf equipment in this video!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser, Matt Blois and Mark Zecchino

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  1. Great that you guys just have a chat about the rounds of golf that were played, as well as the equipment from the winner. Has rory played with counterbalanced driver shaft at any stage in the past? I know he has used the kuro kage xt for a while before this change. Like you were saying to me a while back, the px shafts are a little counterbalanced and could be something he's comfortable with. I myself found I'm most consistant with the counterbalanced hzrdus yellow, and i really want to compare it to the tensei orange. Is the tensei a bit stiffer profile?
    On another note, is there any performance benifit of an x ball, over a normal softer version of the same ball, with a high swing speed? I don't seem to see many tour guys that play a softer version of the balls. I swing on the faster side and wanted to know if there is potential improvement going to an x, or is it just personal feel

  2. I got question.Im a high handicap.I change my shaft from a Titlelist Regular shaft to a stiff.I find my despired is much tight that the regular.Hit the regular send me so right when didn't catch it well.So my question is was right to change.?The shaft was bought online.

  3. To absorb all this info, I`m now having to take a quick nap about half way through, so that my brain doesn't overheat. Brilliant stuff as ever!! Earlier I had watched a Vid from Peter Finch over here in the UK, who is tinkering with his G400 setup by changing out the stock Ping shaft for the stock 3Wood shaft. And he was surprised that his numbers stayed the same, but his dispersion got tighter. I advised him to stop "F…ing" about and get on a plane to Toronto to see the Experts!

  4. Another great video. Love the back and forth commentary. and as regards to Tigers 16th…he himself did say that he, unlike Rory, wasn't committed to the shot. and you guys said that you need to be committed to each and when hes not the cut/fade isn't there.

  5. This is a video with Bob Vokey from another channel that I follow talking about a stock PW vs Vokey 46* wedge

  6. A suggestion.
    For these in-the-bag videos, paste a list of the clubs in the video description.

  7. Finally, a little cerebral content in a golf equipment channel. I'm always able to glean a little bit of personal info for my game from each video, as well as entertainment. I've been trying to hit more high cuts with my irons (as a natural drawer of the ball). I've noticed that when I swing too hard I can't get the cut shape to happen, and Ian confirms that notion…when you swing hard to toe closes harder and faster. My experience exactly. Thanks GUYS!

  8. Mark bringing that GolfTalkCanada feel a bit to the channel eh? Was a good video but hopefully it stays TXG and GolfTalkCanada stays in its space but good to mix it up.

  9. Really glad I found this channel. A lot of the tech talk is over my head, but I still enjoy listening and learning (slowly).

  10. What's in Tiger's bag?? I agree Tiger's tee ball was off, but his scoring clubs, the clubs into greens, were not nearly good enough. He left way too many long putts out there for par or worse. You can't pressure putt for the whole round and expect to win, no matter who you are. Pros should be putting approach irons within 10 feet, certainly anything under 130 yards. Seemed to me Tiger's distance control was, overall, pretty good. He just couldn't put it on the flag often enough. Trying to play with curving the ball in there too much, maybe.

  11. Lots of equipment (and equipment manufacturer) changes for Rory over the course of his career. Do we think he's finally found a winner with Taylormade? Let us know in the comments!