A little update on my golf swing and what needs to happen in the next 80 days.

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  1. Completely agree with what your saying. Trying to self diagnosing your is never good I’ve done that before an have found it’s causes more problems than it solves
    I’m having regular lessons at the moment an as usual making changes is always hard but it will pay off in the end

  2. Hi, looking at the still frame of your impact position it looks like you have early extension? I was given a tip for this a while ago. Try exiting “low and left” in your follow through. It might make your hips rotate rather than thrust.

    I’m far from being an expert on these things but maybe worth a try?

    P.S. There didn’t seem much wrong with your short game!!

  3. Good video. I’m so bad at analysing swing so any input I have will be way off the mark. What’s your bad shot? I’m prone to thinning it a bit. Had my first ever lesson today and was very pleased with it. I had a fear it would be a case of being told everything was wrong and basically starting from scratch (nice pun) but it was very positive and definitely given me enough to work on at the range. My plan is to keep the same coach and see him at least once a month this year. I’m loving your journey and it’s kind of dragging me along to try and get my handicap down. Good luck for the season and your search for a coach. ⛳️

  4. It's good to see you with a much better and more realistic attitude after your little break. Great videos.

    I felt similar to you did last year. I was despondent with my standard of golf and was of the mind the only way I could enjoy the game was to drastically improve, with that attitude though I'll never be content because there will always be someone better than me. Heard a good quote on the radio, it maybe doesn't fit perfectly, but it's close enough.. “we should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness, but more with the happiness of pursuit.”.

    I've come at my golf with a clear mind, I'm now able to appreciate the things that make a round of golf in the great outdoors enjoyable again and as a consequence I'm playing better golf.

    Keep up the good work with your videos, enjoying them all.

  5. I hope you take this as a constructive comment, Why cant you have two putters in the bag? I have had the same thoughts with distance control, then the finishing blow. The question is do you think it would save you shots having two putters, and say dropping your 5 wood? (22HC but not for long, Ferrybridge golf club).

  6. I'll not add anything to any debate about what I'd change in your swing. My advice would be to do exactly as you said. Find a good PGA pro who you a) get on with b) has a decent launch monitor that measures strike. I'm sure that will get you moving in the right direction. The other thing is that if you do achieve a change that significantly changes your dynamic lie, find someone who can adjust the lie on your clubs for you too. Best of luck, buddy 🙂

  7. You seem very upright. Try kicking out your hips “twerk it”. You will get more power out of your lower half. Most importantly though, find a good coach, get a swing suited to your body and only listen to that coach. Even if you think he’s way out there with his ideas, trust the process. Good luck!

  8. I’ve had lessons before, but it’s been close to 20 years ago. I want to find a coach locally this year as well (in USA). I’m struggling to find one close by that has a launch monitor and is at a course (not just indoors), which is what I’d prefer. Good luck on finding a good one near you.

  9. It looks to me that you straighten your right leg on your back swing, your head also raises because of it and then you stay there through impact – you are standing up in your back swing.