Why Lie Angle of your Golf Club is CRUCIAL to your golf game. Club Fitting Series.

The main components of fitting a golf club to a golfer are length,
shaft type, shaft flex, grip, grip size, and lie angle. Lie Angle
happens to be the most important of these factors. This video will
illustrate and hopefully convince you that you must have your lie
angles correct on your irons to play consistent golf. For more information on club fitting and our store visit http://www.GolfWarehouseAtlanta.com today.

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  1. Good info. I searched this because I played today with a new set of Di11's I received for Christmas and kept pulling every shot! Had a feeling it was my lie. I'm just 5'7" so I'm probably digging the heel. Thanks for the video.

  2. You must carry your hands high through the bottom of the swing arc for the standard lie angle to be that far off for you. My lie is a plus 2 degrees.

  3. I was told that my AMP Cobra can be bent 2 degrees, is that so.
    I noticed that all the turf marks are on the toe, but the number, to compensate
    I produce a wicked hook.

  4. Hi I just bought the Taylormade RocketBladez Tour iron set in a standard Lie. I'm 5'6 and I can see that that Lie needs to be flatten out drastically. when I get it flattened, will they change all the clubs (3-PW) the same amount of degrees? Also is it safe for the rocketbladez to be bent? Thanks!

  5. I just ordered one of those club bending machines. I have 3 sets of Ping clubs and a set of Adams CMB's. Was wondering, would I be splitting hairs if I'm concerned about the strike board raising the level of the surface and causing a false upright indication? Should the customer maybe choke down slightly during the fitting process?

  6. Rob, Since you are dealing with "1/2 degrees", you are not splitting hairs there. I would say that a slightly uneven surface could throw you off by a degree or more. If I were you, I would do something to get your surfaces even. Add some material to the bottom of your lowest surface if you can.

  7. It is very, very expensive to make cast clubs with different lie angles for consideration (like PING does). None of the companies except PING is set up to do this so it would mean a complete overhaul of their facility, equipment, and training. That's why we like selling PING so much. They even engineer a notch on the hosel to help with the bending. But you can never go wrong with a midsize or oversized forged club!

  8. That's part of the skill. Keep in mind though one can measure on both axis directions so you can always double check that you are not changing the loft when you are only trying to change the lie.

  9. Hmm, maybe I didn't state my question very clearly. I was referring to the difference between hitting off a mat and hitting off a strike board sitting on said mat. Since the board would raise the ball up slightly, wouldn't that result in the club striking more toward the heel?

  10. So im using G2 white dot and i want to upgrade to mizuno blades.. do i customize them to 3 degree upright?? Golfegg?

  11. Doe's it also have to do with your height ? I'm roughly 5'7 and with my mid to long Irons, I feel I have to stand up straighter and almost have to get over the ball at impact just to have good contact. So I might need my clubs Flatter ???

  12. Why did he demo with the pointer and PW ? Because face plane tilt is most prominent as with more loft essentially the lie angle is pointing the loft . For example if you guys had a club with 0degrees loft the lie angle wouldn't make any difference 2 flat and 2 up would point in the same place. If your lie angles are off you'll probably notice that the long iron misses are not as bad as the short irons , because the longer irons have less loft and therefore the lie angle have less effect . Even if your fitted for your clubs get them lie checked as soon as you get them because the manufactures have tolerances of +/- 1 degree when they make them so what your fitted for, you probably won't get.

    Good video 

  13. Static measurements o not determine what lie angle you should have they should be used as a starting point. Just because someone is tall doesn't mean that they will need an upright club. It is down to the way the player delivers the club at impact. 

  14. I am hitting the ground towards the toe of my clubs. Too flat? Does this affect where the ball makes contact with the clubface as well? I.e. towards the heel or toe?

  15. I'm guessing a lot of your customers have bad swings, how do you adjust for that? Do you tell them you're adjusting for a bad swing and that they may have to change it again if they're working on improving their swing? 

  16. Great video guys. I try to explain this to so many golfers, but I can never get them to actually realize HOW crucial, and amazing adjusting the lie angle for your golf game it can be.

  17. Great video. It might be good for listener to know that each brand of club starts at a different lie angle. I.e. Like he said, the mizuno 6i is 61* standard lie but a Titleist 6i has the lie of 62.5*. So, it might seem obvious but don't be fitted by a Mizuno club fitting device then go by Titleist…and vise-verse.