Why Your Golf Swing Is So Inconsistent

How is it that you can play great one day and awful the next? Here’s the most common cause for changes in your golf swing.

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  1. Why did you look at the club head going back away from the ball on the second swing and not the first? Is doing that beneficial for solid contact?

  2. Hi David… Love this piece of content, I teach a variance of this with a breathing techniqueย in the pre-shot routine. As they are visualising their shot I get them to release tension in the hands and forearms on each out breathe ….. Great Stuff!

  3. So true. I noticed just the other day at the driving range. I was hitting them sweet and then someone stopped to watch me and I immediately tensed up, thought about the outcome and skulled the next ball. I took hold of myself, relaxed and was again able to hit properly. What are your thoughts on natural golf swing as in this video by Scratch Golf?