When and where should you create width in the golf swing? PGA Professioanl and Senior Coach at The Belfry Chris Ryan explpains where you should try to achieve width in your golf swing and demonstrates a simple drill to help.

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  1. Good video in the main. However, sergio's angle on the way down is not more acute, it just appears that way due to him shallowing the shaft on the down swing. See sevam1 video on YouTube (hogans illusion) for a better visual illustration.

  2. Hi Chris – all your videos are great but as a suggestion there are a few (like this one) that a slow-mo of the swing would add to them. Cheers

  3. Hi Chris, great video, well done! Yes adding slow-mo would be nice and you might as well split the screen in two and show the two points of view from face on and down the line view while you are demonstrating that golf swing. Just an idea to make your videos even better. Cheers

  4. Is there a swing thought at the top of your back swing that will make you come down more narrow…I think I remember Sergio saying he feels like he's pulling down on a chain or something to that effect