Width and Power in the Golf Swing – Shawn Clement’s Wisdom in Golf

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Want more power and distance? You need more width in your golf swing! Find out how to get more width naturally and easily by working with your own anatomy.


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  1. That you don´t take any divot, has nothing to with width – but the angle of attack to the ball.

  2. So when one talks about "Width" its the amount the right arm doesn't collapse in the backswing?  Have to work with this one as its making me feel a position in my backswing versus the normal go to the target, definitely feels odd.  Focusing on keeping the right arm straighter and not knowing if that's "it" in the swing has got my attention…not sure if that's good yet. Usually feel like my backswing goes longer, but doing this makes it feel shorter and as if the club stays more up in the air versus parallel and this is a new thing..

  3. Great video Shawn! A great drill for this feeling is a slapping or clapping drill. Just take a normal golf stance, hands palms together, then just reach back with the right hand like you're clapping or giving yourself a five. Perfect natural, wide backswing! Give yourself a "low five"! Cheers! 

  4. Hey shawn i hit my short irons great but not so much my long irons and my driver, but i just shot a 78 recently lol you have any drills for me too start hitting those clubs better?

  5. This video was great, it helped me hit more greens and added yardage to my irons.

  6. thanks. you fixed half the problem in my golf swing. i use to have my right arm tucked in my body.