Will New Golf Irons Help Your Game

Will New Golf Irons Help Your Game, more golf Q&A with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks golf clubs and how they can or can not help your golf game. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills.

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  1. If I'm a club manufacturer, I want you to change every week as long as u use my clubs. On the other hand, if you want to lower your handicap, get there and play… play… play. Be consistent like Parfield.

  2. It's mostly about wanting new clubs. A new (or newer ) set always feels better. You'll play better for about a month and then fall back into your old  bad habits. Even if you find the set for you, next year's model will be a tad better, and the year after that it's time to buy again. I'm always looking for better clubs… it's part of the fun.

  3. Hello Mark, Great common sense advise as usual. However, although you mentioned club tolerances, launch angles, and distance, etc., could this fellow's question have been geared more towards the ability to shape shots and therefore wondering if he should be considering an iron that would allow this aspect to a greater extent … a "better player's iron" question? If you wouldn't mind, let us know how this would impact your opinion. Thanks so much, Lou

  4. I have some Ben Hogan blades from the 70's. They get me around the golf course but I'm definitely trying to get some Pings after I get my lessons.

  5. My irons are 25 years old. They were good back, and still are, but tech has changed considerably since then, and I'm checking out the new offerings – really to help with the poorer strikes of a 20 hcp. Most GI clubs today are also easily 2 clubs longer than my own. As per the advice here, if anyone has clubs less than 5 years old, and they're performing well with, then they're unlikely to gain anything from new ones, apart from bag bling. Golf marketing is designed to make you think you're missing out on something if you're not updating every year.

  6. Hi Mark. Great videos: funny and informative!
    I've got a question about the forgiveness of irons… In general people say that blades are less forgiving than "game improving" irons. In one of your club reviews (blade) you said that blades could deliver better distance control – even on "non-optimal" strikes.
    So, do you think the handicap is the major factor, whether you can play a blade or not? Or in other words, do you think it's possible that a mid-handicapper (25) could play better golf with blades than with other irons?

  7. Thanks Mark, great stuff as always.  For me it's what works in the 6 inches between my ears.  I was playing the ™ Burners and got into a slump with them and couldn't get it out of my head.  Traded for Ping i10 irons and got my confidence back.  (I'm a 20 hc and didn't start playing until I was 53 yrs old.)  I play 3-4 rounds / week and take lessons once per week.

  8. I’m hoping my new irons will improve my game a little bit since the irons I’m using right now are from the 60’s