Will this putter make you more CONSISTENT?!

Will this putter make you more CONSISTENT?!
Rick Shiels tests the latest Odyssey REDBALL putter!


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  1. Interesting review. I'm thinking that the Red Ball really just makes you slow it down and think more about your putts. I'm glad that it's still a good quality putter, not just a training aid.

  2. Think this looks good also think the white areas look like they are there to help line the face up square not tried it yet but got to be worth a look playing original spider ghost at the mo

  3. They probably went with the smaller grip so a beginner golfer could get some feel when you hit the ball to help with pace.

  4. Tried the putter. I loved the fact that you had to see the red ball in the circle, in the middle of the circle, tilting the putter up or down puts the red ball not in the circle.

  5. My putting is weak so a putter like this or the seemore is enticing. Gonna go give it a swing tomorrow

  6. Agree with what you have said Rick. A bit gimmicky. I know setup in putting is important but a lot more happens after that and the red ball isn't helping you once you start your backswing. Can see it being good for a beginner but once you know distance of the ball from you toes with the correct posture any putter will do really to. Putters are all about feel to me after that.

  7. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 – The balance feels great, hit close to center every time by weight adjustment. The soft stainless steel also allows the putter to be adjusted in multiple different ways and the ball comes off smoothly.

  8. If , like me you find it difficult to watch a grown man beg , FastFoward 1 minute then stop 20 seconds before end

  9. I think the concept is to have the red ball in the middle while not being able to see any of the white ring, instead of just having the dot in the middle its a mix of both, obviously its easy to have the ball in the middle

  10. Would love to see this red ball technology as a training aid you can put on the putter

  11. not usually a fan of massive heads but my lordy that is beautiful, not huge on the idea as opposed to just practicing but a cool putter nonetheless

  12. I bought this putter a week ago, and used it a couple of times. I agree with you Rick it does give you a sense of confidence and the face has such a nice feel when you connect with the ball. Sinking puts from any distance does seem easier.

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