Wilson X31 Box Set

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Wilson X31 Box Set reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. This is a common way for golfers to get into the game and a very affordable one. Mark takes a real look at what the Box set could really do for your golf game/

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  1. My first set of clubs were Spalding Molitors. I played them 15 years and they made me so much money. I always got looked down by the guys with h the expensive clubs. It was always funny when I would beat them. They would be so deflated. I went up against a guy who bet me if I won I would get his Ping I3s and his Scotty putter. Needless to say I like the Pings. The putter pretty nice. The guy I won the clubs from will his wife was not to happy with him. I still have my money makers but I play with the Pings. I like the look of the pings not as thick and chunky. I do notice the old sticks are a bit tingly in the hand but work just as will as the I3's. Cheers bro!

  2. A lot of people only play socially and 5 to 6 times a year and its all about being out with mates. Why spend more.

  3. I have to say…you're the most realest person I've ever listened to and watched about golf. Truly refreshing the way you break down this game so many love. It's not the bow and arrow that messes up…it's always the Indian lol! 1+par from a box set…just learned a lot from this video.

  4. I love this video. You still gotta swing the clubs no matter what youโ€™re swinging.

  5. I'm getting back into the golf and enjoying your videos, I'm absolutely flabbergasted you have made it so far without serious injury with your Swiss Army knife box opening technique. I'd happily give you a free 20 minute lesson.

  6. I have watched many of your videos and I can honestly say I've never seen you play or strike the ball better. You should use this set to qualify for the 2018 Open Championship. I will carry your bag! David ๐Ÿš€

  7. Excellent vid Mark, can't see too many people bothering to test these sorts of clubs, well done.

  8. 300+ yard drive with a box set driver? What happened to #262? Great video on getting into the game with a reasonably priced set of clubs for beginners or someone that doesnโ€™t want to spend the money on clubs.