WIshon Golf – The Facts of Life About the Golf Equipment Industry

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  1. I never thought I’d see an important golf company owner tell such a harsh,
    well-needed truth. That’s why I’m getting fit for drivers, because every
    driver in the last 2 years hasn’t worked well at all for me. I got lucky
    for irons, but even those need to be gripped down on to get a decent lie
    angle for me. This man is a true genius!

  2. Club making is truly a lost art. You will struggle at golf if you dont have
    custom fit clubs in my mind.

  3. Like he says EVERYONE is different. Different heights, shapes, sizes, and
    of course golf swings. No one is exactly the same but, the majority of
    people are using the same mass produced clubs. If your a bigger person you
    could wear a shirt of a smaller person but I don’t recommend it. Get Fitted!

  4. Competition has absolutely bread better club like competition does for any
    industry! America Oh yeah!

  5. all videos are very helpful to me in having better understanding of club
    fitting and repair . thanks to all instruters on these videos

  6. club fitting is really as close as we get today to how club making was
    originally done. . . club maker to player.

  7. While I agree that there are no improvements in golf tech, there are
    combinations in tech that aren’t used with every release. Such as a large
    460cc driver head with a deep face for reduced spin being something we
    don’t see much. As you improve these types of things will be needed, the
    best thing that you can do is if you think you need new equipment, get fit.
    Otherwise it’s chasing something “new” without it being anything
    significantly different.

  8. This video is very informative and gives the average golfer great insight
    into of how standard clubs affect each of our swings and why it is crucial
    to build a club that is suited to your personal abilities and swing

  9. I think he does a great job in this video of showing how there really isn’t
    a whole lot that hasn’t been done in the golf world as far as club design
    goes. every year companies put out newer equipment which is just an updated
    version of an older model. I really agree with the perception that one of
    the last “new” things that a golfer can get as far as technology is a set
    of clubs set specifically to that players swing.

  10. Hi there Tom, tyvm – simple – concise – precise……& all totally
    understandable. Your a good speaker mate, enjoyed watching & have forwarded
    to all crew my side….cheers Johnno Perth WA

  11. Thanks for the video! I highly believe that everyone should get custom
    fitted. No body is the same!

  12. I’ve used the Wishon brand of clubs, and I must say that the quality is
    superb. That said, I wish they’d come out with a greater selection of irons
    for the MID handicapper. I see superb forged irons with little offset, and
    a couple for the high handicapper. But the Wishon 752TC is getting old, and
    a newer model along these lines for mid handicappers, with progressive
    offset, would be a boon. Something akin to Mizuno JPX800 or Titleist AP1
    clubhead. Otherwise, kudos for making the best stuff

  13. This video indicates that technology in the golf industry is for the most
    part used up. He tells us that custom golf club fitting is the last
    technology that golfers need to take advantage of and the most important.

  14. Excellent explanation Tom. I could not agree more. I think the Ti driver’s
    performance was maxed out about 5 years ago, which you clearly point out.
    Looks fwd to seeing your new irons.

  15. New technology is great, but custom club fitting will give you the ability
    to play at your optimal level

  16. In the past few years there have been many new technologies concerning golf
    clubs but we’ve pretty much used them all and aside from different
    companies selling their particular “COOKIE CUTTER” clubs the only
    technology left to fully explore is the “Professional Accurate Custom
    fitting”. You need this fitting so your clubs will match your style of

  17. Definitely the only way to get your money’s worth out of the clubs you
    buy…otherwise you have to make swing adjustments to a standard size which
    you probably are not…that makes it impossible to have a consistent and
    repeating golf swing.

  18. While I have all the respect for PING over the other companies, in no way
    do they offer the full specifications type of fitting I refer to. Ping’s
    fitting covers only a handful of the 12 key fitting specs in a golf club,
    and only within a narrow range of possible specs. They are to fitting as a
    department store is to a suit, while the independent custom clubfitters are
    to golf clubs what a tailor is to a suit. All key fitting specs for each
    club for each golfer, one at a time.