World No.1 Luke Donald FO Slow Motion Golf Swing 300 FPS

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Luke Donald at US Open striking it very well

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  1. Those of you who are attempting to criticize his swing have absolutely no idea how good a tour pro is. Your buddy that's a "scratch golfer" would have to work 3 years, 40 hours a week to even get to the level of the top guys on the mini-tours, and that's still not close to the top PGA tour guys.

  2. For the first time ever i'm actually understanding why Luke is below tour average in driving distance. He has a lot less lag than his tour counterparts. The club starts to extend almost immediately after starting the downswing. Fortunately distance isn't everything.

  3. Ya know, I think ive figured out why Lukes swing looks the way it does, and this understanding has actually helped my ball striking tremendously. I believe he has too much lateral and upward movement in the downswing which requires the hands to turn over very quickly; otherwise every shot would go to the right because he wouldnt give the clubface enough time to square up at impact. After thinking about that, I started swinging as if i had no forward press in the downswing…..Instant improvement

  4. Even though I actually move forward a bit in transition, I Feel as if i don't move my body toward the target; feeling as if im merely rotating. Now its become a rare moment when I dont hit a GIR. I think every swing requires some level of compensation because no swing is perfect. Lukes swing works for him but its terrible for me. By learning from his "compensations" Im now a single digit handicap after only 3 years of teaching myself.

  5. although i mostly agree with you…. one part is not true. i actually have a buddy thats a "scratch" golfer…. and what you just said is not true. my buddy steve marshall is scratch. was the akron beacon journal 2005 high school sports mvp. took 2nd in state when he had the flu. his low is 61. we just played boulder creek 7500 yards. he shot 2 under 1st round without his driver. only 2 iron off the tee. he has played with some pga pros and won. but he is a mechanic. doesnt care to play much.

  6. Ah, so he's just as good as PGA tour pros, but he'd rather be a mechanic. OK….. Shooting 2 under at a random course, even a long one, is not the same as shooting 2 under at a course setup for a PGA tournament, or even a event. Playing a PGA pro in a casual round is not playing on the PGA tour. Your friend would get destroyed. If you disagree, have him Monday-qualify for the next event and then we'll talk.

  7. Donald does not flip-a flip is where the right wrist flattens or moves into flexion-he doesn't do that. What you see on film is an arm release-letting the arms swing past a decelerating torso. Donald just decelerates the torso more than most-the arms inevitably re-cock more quickly because of this.

  8. Many of the players are former PGA players, or up and coming PGA players.

    Any scratch-golfer buddy of yours that wants to prove he's just as good as a tour-pro can qualify for the US Open. He can even do so as an amateur, which takes away the "He's as good as Luke Donald, but just enjoys driving a truck more so doesn't want to turn pro" argument. Let me know when he qualifies and I'll watch for him.

  9. you still didn't answer my question. it's a simple one. how would you know this? you talk like you know the formula to playing touring pro level.

  10. Who said anything about a formula? I've simply said that PGA pros are so far ahead of someone's buddy who claims he could play on the PGA tour because he shot 68 in the club tournament. PGA Tour courses are incredibly harder than anything you'd see in an amateur or even mini-tour event. If you disagree because you've got a buddy you know could be good enough, have him enter US Open qualifying and let me know when it happens.

  11. All good, but when the ball is off the tee, his hands would be farther ahead to get that nice divot ahead of the ball.