In this video I take a look at the great modern swing of Xander Schauffele.

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  1. hey Christo, back when we were growing up in the 70's only guys like Nicklaus, Kite, and Lietzke were playing with an inter-locking grip. now it seems to be the norm rather than the exception. any stats to back this up?

  2. I agree with the swing arc contraptions, Great for feeling an on plane takeaway for those who struggle, and great to feel a thrust through extension, but not a full swing.

  3. That boy knows where all the forces lie and knows how to use them for any situation excited to witness his future. Very Hoganish from transition on.

  4. I went to East Lake Saturday and saw some great swings. I didn't catch Xander – I'd never heard of him! It's a Cinderella story, he came out of nowhere, lol. But what made my day was this: I managed to be standing about 50yds from the 17th green – left side of fairway; it was a good vantage point to watch approach shots from the player's drives back up the fairway 30-40 yds. Jason Day and Kisner were putting out. All of a sudden there was some commotion to my immediate right – I turned and watched the girl right next to me lift up her baby carrier and there was a golf ball under it! People started moving back. I looked down at the ball and asked, "Is that a drive?" I knew it was over 330yds to the tee box. Sure enough, here came a guy with a marker and said, "Please take 3 steps back so Mr. Koepka can have some room." Yep, a 346yd drive to the left rough and a very tricky shot coming up. He had a pine tree with some low overhanging limbs between his ball and the green and a front-side bunker with a tight pin. Man, I hate those shots. I knew the only shot he had would be a knock-down into the thin grassy bank above the trap and hope the momentum would carry the ball onto the green. Too high and you're way over the green, not enough and you're in the trap. He hit a nice shot right into the bank, but was a foot to low – it bounce back into the trap. He smiled and didn't worry about it and moved on. He did bogey, though. The pin was just way to tight on that trap and he missed the putt coming back. All in a day's work. I mostly followed Justin Thomas; I was sure he was going to with the championship. But he had to settle for the Fed Ex cup, bummer.

  5. Timothy, I was at East Lake also on Thursday and Saturday and stationed myself between 12th green and 13th tee. I will say this, and Christo, I wish you could have been there, but watching the pros tee off that closely where you can see what they are really doing in the swing is really educational for me.
    It helped that the tournament allowed us to film the swings with our phones. Now I can go back and study them.
    Two things I noticed: one, they get up there, put the ball on the tee, and take a look or two and boom!
    Very decisive. No wasted motion. Two, darn if all if them did not have the same ball flight. The nice high drive. very little movement of the ball. No drawing, no fading. Those drives I saw were straight as they could be for the most part.

  6. I love his swing so fluid and powerful. JT and Xander proves that you don't need to be tall, or big hulk to bomb it!!! These guys are average height 160-170 lbs and hit it just as long as anybody on tour!!

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