Yep – All Tour Pros Release the Golf Club the Way!

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Here’s the video where I discuss the release:

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  1. I think people just have the wrong idea about where the release takes place. Some players release the club much later in the rotation of the swing ( Hogan, grame dalet,Lee Trevino) these are examples of swings that don't release the club down the target line.the grip handle of the golf club disappears in front of the body before the toe turns over. but they certainly release at some point. In my opinion this would be a flexibility issue, possibly on how much you can rotate through the golf swing? Both style of swings get the job done obviously. But you're certainly correct in saying that all tour players and great ball Strikers release the golf club at some point in the swing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Why not show a down the line view of Nicklaus who believed you cannot release the club too early if done correctly. The handle goes in and the club-head goes? You are showing static shots of the golfer all after impact, where the momentum and speed of the swing forces the crossed arms They all have a square club-face at impact , after that they have to hold posture or be pulled off the arc. The momentum crosses the arms.

  3. I think what is more interesting is amount of face rotation through impact, some guys have a lot less than others. I should add that I agree with the vid 🙂

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    You’d probably see my in asking a question in the video!

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  5. This new question is a very good one, I watch a lot of video and I don’t think I’ve seen this, but I want to know how to take my swing from the driving range to the golf course because I do really well at the range but not even close on the course. Thanks